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Results LAN mode feature issues survey


Back on January 23rd we asked you to fill in a survey about the LAN mode of the eWeLink app. We did this because a lot of people complained about the fact LAN mode works quite badly. It was the number 1 issue on our eWeLink features & bugs survey November 2020. On the open letter we send to eWeLink back at January 18th eWeLink replied that they will further investigate the LAN mode issues. They also appreciate our offer to start a survey about the LAN mode issues.

Today we have analysed all answers given on the LAN mode issues survey. We were a bit disappointed about the low number of respondents compared to the huge amount of complaints on social media about the LAN mode. Nevertheles still 19 people helped us out by filling in the survey an we believe we can still offer a little insight on the LAN mode issues. The raw results (with the exception of personal information) also has been emailed to eWeLink.

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