Results LAN mode feature issues survey

LAN mode in online situations

Router/accesspoint hardware

11 people who participated in the LAN mode issues survey indicated they have issues with the LAN mode in online situations.

  • 8 of them use a main router. Only 1 of those is provided by an ISP. In this case by the MEO Altice in Portugal. Most of these routers are 2 years or older. Only one is 1 – 3 months old.
  • 3 of them use an additional router. The ages of these routers differs: a half year, a year and equal or older than 3 years.
Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer

Most survey participants having issues with the LAN mode in online situations use a TP-Link router/accesspoint. This is followed in a shared space by Xiaomi and Netgear.

1Fibergate Altice

eWeLink supported devices

The average amount of connected eWeLink supported devices in the online situations is 17. The highest amount is 30, the lowest 5.
The device types involved varies much but most of them are of the Sonoff brand. Only a few exceptions like Kingart, Eachen and other lesser known brands.

ISP connection losses

The disconnection of the ISP connection varies but mostly is only once a few months or once a year. One person never experiences ISP connection losses.


These are the issues reported in online situations:

Chart by Visualizer

In online situations the LAN mode causes delayed execution of commands (lag) the most for our participants of the survey. This is followed by devices that do not react at all. The app hanging on opening it occurs much less than in offline situations. More people answered not having issues at all in online situations.

Free form answers provided are:

  • Scenes executing is not stable – sometimes do not work – it is not a general, only some time.
  • Sometimes devices connected to an extender stop working at all, but can be caused by a bad functioning TP-Link adapter.
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