» Information about Verified sellers

Information about Verified sellers

What are Verified sellers?

Verified sellers are sellers with which we had good personal contact (by chat, mail, phone, etc.) and / or did a good job in delivering ordered goods and / or delivered great service. Verified sellers are sellers of which we believe they are trustworthy and you can safely order your goods from them. You can expect good working devices and friendly aftersales.

A Verified seller also has clear information about his / her company, a website URL, physical address, contact methods, payment methods, shipping methods, etc.

We as eWeLink Community Website aren’t perfect and se we can have judged a Verified seller incorrectly. If so then please let us know the reason why.

How can I recognize a Verified seller?

At product sold by Verified sellers we include some codes at the end of the name on a purchase button. An example can be BUY AT COMPANY X [V, W]. It always start with [V.

Below you can see an explanation of the codes being used:

VVerified seller
AAffiliate link (we get payed a little amount of money for a click on this link, many thanks for your support!)
WShips worldwide (although there might be some exceptions)
EShips within the EU (although there might be some exceptions)

Besides the codes above we also have included a tab on the product page called Verified sellers. On this tab you can see which Verified sellers are linked to the product and click through to their respective informational pages.

How can I become a Verified seller?

Get in touch with us! Tell us why you are a trustworthy seller and why people should order at your company. Also provide us information we mentioned above. We will have have a chat and in that chat we will try to discover whether your company is worth it to put on the list of Verified sellers.

You can get in touch with us using the contact methods described on our contact page.

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