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Sonoff NSPanel: review header

Sonoff NSPanel

Oct 11, 202103 min read

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My Sonoff NSPanel says “System Data ERROR!” after a firmware upgrade

ByJeroen MaathuisFeb 27, 2023Feb 27, 202379133 min read

After a firmware update of the Sonoff NSPanel a message with the text System Data Error! can stay on the screen rendering the touch part of the NSPanel useless. This Knowledge Base describes troubleshooting steps which might help to resolve the issue. System Data ERROR! message on Sonoff NSPanel. Source:…

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Firmware upgrades fails at 90% all the time. How can I resolve that?

ByJeroen MaathuisJun 25, 2020Feb 26, 202377811 min read

Most times when this issue happens the update server is just busy and it is best to try updating again at a later moment. Try different moments of the day (e.g. morning, afternoon , evening). When the firmware upgrades keep on failing and eWeLink and Sonoff did not report any…

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Following Facebook posts without bothering others

ByJeroen MaathuisFeb 10, 2022Sep 20, 202223832 min read

“Follow” “Bookmarked” “Following” You can see these replies to Facebook posts very often. People know that when they have replied to a post every follow up replies of others generates notifications for that post. The downside of this method is that it cluthers the replies on that post and generates…

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The displayed time on the image of my Sonoff GK-200MP2-B or S-CAM is incorrect

ByJeroen MaathuisAug 15, 2022Aug 15, 202235493 min read

Several users reported an incorrect time being displayed on the image of their IP camera. Often the time is ahead of the actual time. The time displayed can be a few hours ahead compared to the actual time. This article goes about specifically the IP cameras which have the Model…

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Error codes during pairing of a device

ByJeroen MaathuisOct 26, 2021Feb 22, 202299169 min read

Sometimes you experience issues while pairing. Most times they end with an error code. Most people don’t notice these important error codes and just find themselves stuck in pairing their devices. Paying attention to the error codes might help you finding a remedy for the issue you experience. InformationThis article…

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