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Sonoff NSPanel

Sonoff NSPanel: review header


On August 2nd, 2021 we received a package from ITEAD. This packaged was announced to us and they asked us to test and review it for our website. The package contained the Sonoff NSPanel: a multifunction 2-gang switch with touchscreen display and able to act as thermostat and a central place to control 8 eweLink compatible devices / scenes . The NSPanel can also show you the weather, time and date.

This article is written by Joennuh.

In the interest of full transparency

  • The sample has been sent to us free of charge in exchange of this review.
  • We didn’t get paid for this review although we are allowed to keep the device.
  • The opinions we share in this review are our very own opinions.
  • A draft version of this review has been shown to Sonoff but we weren’t required to do that.
  • The Kickstarter links at the last page of the review are technically referral links, but this is only used for referral analytics. We don’t earn money with it.

I do not have the ability to build the Sonoff NSPanel into a junction box in the wall due the fact I rent my home and I’m not allowed to change the electrics without a proof changes has been done by a certified electrician (which I am not).

I do have have a spare junction box, cut off device cables and special 230V indicator lights to connect. So I was able to fully test the Sonoff NSPanel. It would have been much better if ITEAD offers people like me the ability to order a square enclosure to be able to put the Sonoff NSPanel ON the wall instead of IN the wall. My current 3D printer is broken, but when I have a new one I will think of printing an enclosure for the Sonoff NSPanel. I also suggested ITEAD to add the ability to order such an enclosure for the Sonoff NSPanel.


I am not an electrician. I do have knowledge about electronics and how to handle electronics safely myself but I will not be the perfect example to base your own installation work on. In case of doubts about your own skills please contact a certified electrician! The general website disclaimer applies.

Product information

Sonoff NSPanel: Front of EU and US model

Sonoff NSPanel

The Sonoff NSPanel is a multifunctional display device to add to your wall. It fits in US en EU junction boxes. It has a Nextion touchscreen display and you can operate eWeLink compatible devices and scenes with it. It also shows you the weather and you can use it as a thermostat with the build-in temperature sensor.


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