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Maintained by eWeLink enthusiasts

This website is mainly maintained by Joennuh (Jeroen Maathuis) from The Netherlands (no, not Holland because those are actually 2 provinces of The Netherlands) who is well known from the official eWeLink Telegram group and the eWeLink & Sonoff User Group on Facebook. The original plan was that NeoMod from Italy would also maintain the website but because he works in the medical field and is very busy with helping patients fighting Covid-19 he doesn’t have much time to help maintaining this website. He might be more active in the future. NeoMod doesn’t like having his full name exposed so he will remain quite anonymous with his nickname NeoMod.

Not maintained by and not directly associated with eWeLink / Coolkit

This website is not maintained ans hosted by eWeLink / Coolkit. This website has no direct association with eWeLink although we have good contacts with eWeLink/ Coolkit. eWeLink / Cookit is not responsible for any content on this website. eWeLink / Coolkit is only responsable for content on their own resources to which we provide a link when we quote a text of eWeLink or share an image of eWeLink. The eWeLink community website does only reflect the opinion / viewpoint of eWeLink users. Our website does not reflect the opinion / viewpoint and policies of eWeLink as a company or any of the manufacturers of eWeLink supported devices.


We are not responsible for any potential threat of dangers, safety risks of electrical work, fire hazard, risk related to tinkering with electrical equipment without sufficient knowledge, etc. by following the information on this website. All information provided on this website is mainly provided “as is” by eWeLink users. Some information provided do come from official eWeLink resources and do have a source link included. Any harm caused will be reader’s/user’s responsibility and liability. eWeLink community website can’t be held liable or responsible for any harm or accident caused by the information provided on this website.

Working with electricity is dangerous!

Working with high voltage electricity is dangerous! You should always know what you are doing! If you don’t have knowledge of electricity and how to work with electrical installation please take an expert with you to assist you or get the job completely done by the expert. Incorrect usage / installation of electrical installations can cause fire hazard and personal injuries! Again: this is something which the eWeLink community website, eWeLink / Coolkit and all involved manufacturers of eWeLink supported devices can’t be held liable for.

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