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General information

  • eWeLink strives to release a new version of the eWeLink app every month around the 8th day of the month.
  • Mostly the Android app updates have staged rollouts. This means the update is not available to everyone immediately. The availability of the update on the Google Play Store increases gradually. It is a matter of time before an updated version of the eWeLink app for Android is offered to you by the Google Play Store.

Latest version



Google Play Store changelog

1. App:

  • Added ability to share devices with friends via WhatsApp now
  • A new feature that allows you to select manual scenes to show on homepage
  • Optimized homepage visual effect
  • Improved pairing experience

2. Device features:

  • Supported voice assistants were added to device settings for quick setup and instructions
  • Fixed known issues

eWeLink app documentation

  • Display of temperature and humidity of TH10/16 on homepage of app.
  • Add email address to a phone number account. This important for being able to upgrade a phone number account with an eWeLink VIP Subscription (eWeLink Advanced).
  • Sharing devices via WhatsApp.
  • Notifications deviced into 4 categories (so far we see no change at the notification section of the eWeLink app).
  • Overview of availability of devices in voice assistance. Icons at the device settings page are shortcuts to setup instructions.

Source: eWeLink app > Message > Guide

Discovered by the community

  • Shortcuts to manual scenes and bar with rooms doesn’t stay at top anymore while scrolling through the devices at the homepage of the app.

Released at

8 july 2021