General information

  • eWeLink strives to release a new version of the eWeLink app every month around the 8th day of the month.
  • Mostly the Android app updates have staged rollouts. This means the update is not available to everyone immediately. The availability of the update on the Google Play Store increases gradually. It is a matter of time before an updated version of the eWeLink app for Android is offered to you by the Google Play Store.

Latest version



Because of little spare time we forgot to take note of the changelog of 4.26.0 at the Play Store. Please see the changelog of 4.26.0 and 4.26.1 at the chapters below.

  • Fixed known issues


  • Fixed known issues


  • Optimized timer UI
  • Roll out Fusion Link in Pilot Features, combining the Quick Pairing, Bluetooth Pairing, and Compatible Pairing modes
  • Single-channel switches and outlets can be set to display as light or fan in Device Settings now

Source: eWeLink app > Profile > About > Version

Source: eWeLink Facebook page

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In-app additional information at Message > Explore.

September 27th, 2022