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Suggestions wanted for local eWeLink server device

One of those things that frustrated eWeLink users on a regular base is internet outages and eWeLink server outages. Quite some devices can’t be operated anymore and scene automations do not work in such scenarios. Some have setup a Home Assistant server for that to overcome that issues. Others even flash their devices to completely seperate their eWeLink compatible devices from the cloud. But what about those people who are not so tech savvy? eWeLink is gathering input for a solution for those people and is asking for your help.

eWeLink is considering to develop an “eWeLink mini server” in collaboration with their manufacturers and input from eWeLink users. This device should be easy to add to your home network and handle some communication and automations when their is an internet outage or eWeLink server outage. There are no concrete plans yet. eWeLink is just discovering the possibilities and investigating the demands of eWeLink users.

eWeLink came with a list of ideas for the “eWeLink mini server” should be capable of:

  • Local timer
  • Handling scenes
  • RTSP camera stream converter
  • Maintain connection to cloud speaker platforms like Google Home and Amazon Alexa (only at eWeLink server outage)
  • Control devices when away from home (only at eWeLink server outage)

eWeLink believes it can be hard to fit in all eWeLink features in a mini server. Currently they think the most realistic and simple to realise in a mini server are features like built-in Zigbee bridge, Zigbee security features, RTSP stream converter, camera AI analysis

But please come up with your suggestions what the “eWeLink mini server” should be capable of. No matter whether it is a realistic idea or not. Maybe an unrealistic idea leads to a better realisitic idea.

You can leave your suggestions at the replies below or on our Facebook or Twitter account. All suggestions will be forwarded to eWeLink and their manufacturers.

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