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Sonoff iHost is coming soon: local server to partly solve connection issues

Sonoff iHost: teaser product image
Sonoff iHost: teaser product image

From time to time people report connection issues with their eWeLink compatible devices. Most times those issues are caused by something outside the scope of eWeLink, but the fact is that it frustrates people. Sonoff took note of these issues and announced (as for now) their most interesting product of 2023 and a possible solution to those connections issues: the iHost.

Back in September 2022 eWeLink asked for input for a local server solution. They came up with some ideas themselves like local timers, RTSP camera stream converter and maintain the connection voice assistants during an eWeLink server outage. On our website and on the eWeLink & Sonoff User Group on Facebook you people came up with several good ideas. eWeLink collaborated with Sonoff and the result is the Sonoff iHost.

The iHost is a local server for all your eWeLink compatible devices that support LAN mode. It can be connected by an ethernet cable, acts as a Zigbee 3.0 coördinator and has expandable features. It also seems to have some kind of subscription model.

Sonoff iHost: hardware specifications teaser

Sonoff iHost: hardware specifications teaser

As far as we currently know it has the following specifications:

  • 2 CPU’s:
    • RV1126: Quad-core 1.5 GHz
    • RV1109: Dual-core 1.5 GHz
  • 2 NPUs (Neural Processing Unit):
    • 2.0 TOPs
    • 1.2 TOPs
  • 2 memory banks:
    • DDR4 4GB
    • DDR4 2GB
  • 2 flash memory chips:
    • eMMC 4.51 8GB
    • eMMC 4.51 8GB
Sonoff iHost: features teaser
Sonoff iHost: features teaser

And as far as we currently know it has at least the following features:

  • Failover device for LAN mode enabled eWeLink compatible devices. In this way third party services should still be able to connect to your eWeLink compatible devices when eWeLink servers are unreachable.
  • Zigbee 3.0 coördinator
  • Local smart scenes
  • Open API
  • Supports Docker containerization
  • Expand features by adding add-ons or developing your own

We have seen some clues it also has some kind of subscription model, but we don’t know whether it completely requires a subscription or a subscription just expands some features.

We are curious whether the Sonoff iHost can solve the connection issues for those who were experienced those issues. The product will arrive at March 8th on Sonoff’s main online store:

Sonoff’s Facebook pot about the Sonoff iHost
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