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  • General
    • Updated website system and plugins to their latest versions.
    • Added Displays in menu to Device lists > Categories > A - H.
    • Added new category Local server to Device lists > Categories > I - R.
  • Homepage
    • App version info blocks
      • Repaired links of Download and More info buttons.
  • App releases
    • Repaired links of Download and More info buttons.
  • Device lists
    • Due an update of the productfilters at the sidebars of each category you might not be able to filter products. The plugin responsible for the filtering needs to build a cache which might take some time.
    • New categories
    • New products
  • Knowledge Base
    • Redesigned the main page with tabs. Categories and articles are displayed as you are used to, but on the main page within a tab.
    • URL’s might have changed. Our apologies for non-working old links to Knowledge Base articles.
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