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Volunteering for translations

eWeLinks aims to make the eWeLink app available in as many local languages as possible. To achieve this eWeLink needs volunteers to get the app translated into al those languages. And once translated to a new language the translation needs to be maintained for every new eWeLink version. Your help in translating eWeLink in your native language is very much appreciated by eWeLink.


The current (November 8th, 2021) benefits of being a translator are:

  • 3 months eWeLink Advanced subscription for free

Translation project on Crowdin

Since February 25th, 2020 eWeLink uses Crowdin to enable crowdsourced translations. Crowdin offers great tools to translate software.

The translation project can be found at To join the project you will first need to contact eWeLink by e-mail at .


Never click Save in the Crowdin editor to go to the next translation! Only click save if you really have put in a better translation and want to share it with other translators! To navigate to other strings without saving a double of an existing translation use the navugation arrows at the top of the translation input section ( and ) or use the left pane and click another string.

More detailed instructions on how to use Crowdin can be found here:

In case you think there is an error in a Knowledge Base article, there is something missing or when you have an idea for a new Knowledge Base article please contact us on our Contact form!

If you refer to an existing Knowledge Base article please include the link to the article involved!

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