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The purpose of beta versions

A good app needs a beta version which needs to be tested by a usergroup before releasing the final release of the app. This usergroup hunts for bugs and reports them to the developer. Mostly beta versions don’t provide all intended functionality and all of the functionality available can be unstable. This is why a beta version never should be used for daily use if you depend on a good operation of the app.

Becoming a beta tester

Currently (since June 23rd, 2020) eWeLink only has a beta program for iOS users. Mainly to test the return of the Network Diagnostics feature. A maximum of 10,000 users are invited to join the beta test on Apple’s TestFlight:

For Android beta versions of eWeLink occasionally  got shared on their official eWeLink Telegram group.

Prepare beta testing

Be aware of the following:

  • Beta versions are mainly available for iOS. Sometimes Android beta  versions do get released semi-public.
  • Beta versions are not meant for daily use. It can still contain bugs and might lack some functionality which can be added at a later moment. When you heavily rely on eWeLink it is best to keep using the official release instead of the beta version.
  • Beta versions mostly overwrites the normal official release of eWeLink. You can always go back to the older official release version by uninstalling the beta version and re-installing the official release version from the Google Play Store / App Store. This will not be possible anymore once the beta becomes the official release. In that case you can only go back to a previous version when you have backuped that older version and you are able to install that backup manually.
  • For Android: Beta versions needs to be installed manually. You need to be familiair on how to do this.
  • For iOS: General iOS beta testing information can be found on the eWeLink for iOS beta invitation page: Although please use the in-app Feedback feature described below instead of the TestFlight bugreport feature .

Download location beta public test

Official release version

Instructions for beta testing

To use the beta of eWeLink eWeLink expect you to report any bug you have found. We personally would advise you to also make a screenshot of the bug (if possible) to attach to the bugreport. You can attach 2 images to a bugreport (not video’s).

To report a bug

  • Check this Knowledge Base article on how to create a ticket for a bugreport: Creating tickets for bugreports and feedback and viewing them
  • Describe the bug. You can add the steps to reproduce the bug to make it more clear to the developers which bug you encountered. Also screenshots of the bug can be very helpfull to the developers.

Sometimes you will recieve an e-mail with some common issues and there solutions. Review this e-mail and take action if needed. Sometimes the solution is already in the e-mail and sometimes you will need to reply to let eWeLink take further action.

Social media

Once installed please do not report bugs only on social media. The developers at eWeLink need some technical data that will be send along with your bugreport from within the app.

iOS Testflight

iOS users: Please do not use the TestFlight features to report a bug but use the in-app Feedback feature as described above!

Release of the final version

Please see our Releases page for more information about the latest final release version.

In case you think there is an error in a Knowledge Base article, there is something missing or when you have an idea for a new Knowledge Base article please contact us on our Contact form!

If you refer to an existing Knowledge Base article please include the link to the article involved!

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