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Website changelogs


Updated to latest WordPress version. Updated to latest plugin versions. App releases > Android Added changelog for eWeLink 4.9.2 for Android.


Device lists Added products Switches Sonof DUALR3 Knowledge Base Added articles Devices > Device instructions Pairing the eWeLink thermostat (KKMOON HC-T010-EWF and simular ones) Updated… Read More »1.5.2


Contact Fixed the issue that the form could not be submitted when you were not logged in to the website (rotating arrows). Device lists >… Read More »1.5.1


General Added a reviews section! Updated a collection of website plugins. Menu Device lists Brands Updated the list to be synchronized with al available brands.… Read More »1.5.0


Updated complete website engine and many plugins Device lists New categories Diffusers Added devices Diffusers Sierra Modern Home Smart Diffuser & Humidifier Lights Sonoff L1… Read More »1.4.0


Homepage Added Latest modified Knowledge Base articles section. Added viewcount to metadata of articles on the frontpage. App releases New header/footer background image. Knowledge Base… Read More »1.3.0


General Disabled Coronavirus banner since together with the cookie banner it overlaps the whole page on mobile devices and that frustrates some users. Also most… Read More »1.2.0


General Header Added link to new Youtube channel of eWeLink community website Footer Added link to new Youtube channel of eWeLink community website Contact Added… Read More »1.1.0


This is not an app release! It is about the updates to this website! General Turned on post navigation to easily navigate between older and… Read More »1.0.3


General Beautified social media links at header and footer of the website. Mouseover color of links at the top most bar of the header do… Read More »1.0.2