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The displayed time on the image of my Sonoff GK-200MP2-B or S-CAM is incorrect

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Several users reported an incorrect time being displayed on the image of their IP camera. Often the time is ahead of the actual time.

The time displayed can be a few hours ahead compared to the actual time.

This article goes about specifically the IP cameras which have the Model name S-CAM or GK-200MP2-B at the Device settings page. This article describes how to solve the issue.


Although the solution in this article should work, it is not officially supported by Sonoff nor eWeLink. So perform the steps below at own risk!

Step 1

  • Tap the overflow menu icon at the upper right corner of the device page.
Click the overflow menu icon

Step 2

  • Scroll to the bottom.
  • Check what is displayed behind Model.
  • For the provided solution the model needs to be either S-CAM or GK-200MP2-B.
Check the model

Step 1

  • Download the ZIP file with included the required BIN file:

The file is provided by Sonoff via eWeLink. The file is tested by ourselves.

Step 2

  • Unzip the file.
  • Put the unzipped file rootfs.bin in the root of a micro SD card.
Incorrect time on Sonoff GK-200MP3-B: rootfs.bin at the root of the micro SD card
Click the image for fullscreen view

Step 1

  • Power off the camera by detaching the power cord.

Step 2

  • Put the micro SD card in the micro SD card slot.

Step 3

  • Power up the camera

Step 4

  • During installation of the firmware upgrade the 2 infrared light blinks. The spots were you can see the visible range of the 2 lights are marked with red dots on the image on the right.


Do not turn off the power of the camera during upgrading!
Incorrect time on Sonoff GK-200MP3-B: installation of firmware upgrade
Click the image for fullscreen view

Step 5

  • After installation the infrared lights stop blinking.
  • The camera will startup normally and will tell when it is connected to the internet.

Step 6

  • Now the correct time at the image at the device page should be displayed.
  • If still not you might want to synchronize the time from your phone to the camera:
    • Go to the Device settings (3 dots overflow icon at the top right).
    • Tap More settings.
    • Tap Sync Time.
    • When the synchronization has finish a toad message Succes is being displayed.

Incorrect time on Sonoff GK-200MP3-B correct time
The time should now be correctly displayed

After the installation of the new firmware has been finished the firmware upgrade file gets renamed to rootfs.bin.bak.

If the firmware upgrade fails then try to format the micro SD card at the Device settings of the camera in the eWeLink app first. Then repeat above instructions.

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