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Results LAN mode feature issues survey


First of all we need to repeat that that only 19 respondents to the LAN mode issue survey is not very representative for the amount of complaints we have seen on several social media about these issues. Nevertheless the results of the survey still can tell something about the possible causes of the LAN mode issues and maybe how to resolve them.

Routers / accesspoints

The routers / accesspoints we see the most in the survey are from the TP-Link brand. We believe this because of an affordable price tag. But we also see the TP-Link devivces appear in both lists for offline and online LAN mode issues. Xiaomi is second. Of the provided brands Asus and Zxyel are the brands without LAN mode issues.

Types of errors

In offline situations we see “LAN mode supported device shows as offline” being reported the most. Then it got followed by communication speed issues: slow response of the devices being operated or no respons at all. Inonline situations we see the same communication issues being reported the most.

eWeLink supported devices

We see an average of 15 connected eWeLink supported devices which sound a reasonable low amount of devices that should be able to be handled by most routers / accesspoints. The higest amounts of connected devices is 60 and that is even someone not experiencing any LAN mode related issues.

ISP connection losses

ISP connection losses seem to not have a big relationship to LAN mode issues. Of people who report LAN mode issues the ISP connection losses are mostly once in a few months or once a year. One person never experienced ISP connection losses. Surprisingly people who never experience LAN mode issue have more ISP connection losses: once every few months and even at least once a day.

Final conclusion

Actually from the data provided to the survey you can’t easily draw conclusions. At first 19 respondents is quite low and at a second view the data various much. We still hope that the raw data we have send to eWeLink provides them enough infomation to improve LAN mode.

We thank all participants for their time to fill in the survey!

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