Results LAN mode feature issues survey

People that have no issues with LAN mode

Although the reason of the LAN mode issues survey is mainly because of much reported LAN mode issues on several social media we were also curious for some technical information about situations were no LAN mode issues occur.

Router/accesspoint hardware

3 people who participated in the survey declared to not have any issues with the LAN mode.

  • 1 person uses a 2 year old own router: the Asus RT AX series.
  • 1 person uses a router provided by his/her ISP Vodafone in Italy. The brand and model were left unspecified.
  • 1 person uses an additional accesspoint: a 2 years old Zxyel with a 2.4 GHz SSID specific for smarthome devices and which has its own subnet.

eWeLink supported devices

The average amount of connected eWeLink supported devices at homes of people not experiencing LAN mode issues is 29. The highest amount is 60, the lowest 8.
The device types involved are all of the Sonof brand.

ISP connection losses

Strange enough the ISP connection losses are more often for these people: 2 people experience ISP connection losses once per few months and the third person at least once a day.

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