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eWeLink IR remote control seems to be available on Australian market

Today we came across this tweet on Twitter:

Especially this sentence took our attention:

the cygnett zigbee devices appear to be rebranded eWeLink devices

Source: Ben Hoad at Twitter at March 6th, 2021, 06:01 GMT+1

Cygnett Smart Hub & IR Remote Control: top, front, right
Cygnett Smart Hub & IR Remote Control: top, front, right

Curious as we are we digged further into the Cygnett brand and we came acros a device that many of us are looking for: an IR remote control which is eWeLink compatible. Well… We THINK it is eWeLink compatible as the manual shows screenshots of a rebranded eWeLink 3.x version. The manual also tells it can learn remote control codes. So would it be a better device than the discontinued Eachen IR-DC666?

Although the used communication protocols for connecting Cygnett sensors and buttons is not spcified in the manual they seem to use Zigbee as communication protocol as the manual clearly shows a Zigbee manual on a screenshot of the app. So in the end this device seems to be a Zigbee gateway and IR remote embedded all in one device.

The device currently seems only to be available on the Australian market. We haven’t found it anywhere else so far. We added this device to our Device lists:

Product information

We are also curious for people that already own this device. What are your experiences with the Cygnett Smart Hub & IR Remote Control?

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