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Promising try of eWeLink to resolve the rearrange devices issue on Android

On January 18th of this year we wrote a public letter to eWeLink with the advise to take long lasting issues (and feature requests) reported by the community more seriously. On January 22nd of this year eWeLink replied. One of the things we wrote and eWeLink wanted to fix as first was the rearrange devices issue (affects Android users) which already persisted since the very first beta of the eWeLink 4.x range. In a private chat back then eWeLink said they want to have it resolved in eWeLink 4.10. Today they shared their progress and a testversion of their solution.

On eWeLink’s Telegram group eWeLink employee shared a video with a demonstration of the solution. Because it is a bit difficult to see what item is being moved to what spot we made our own demonstration video:

Happy as we were to see eWeLink seriously working on a solution we asked whether we can test the solution our selves. eWeLink decided to share the testversion:

This APK file can be installed manually on your Android phone and overwrites the existing installation of eWeLink. The above mentioned testversion contains the solution of the rearrange devices issue. The solution eWeLink choosed is as follows:

  1. Drag the item that has to be moved to the bottom of the current view (described by eWeLink as “page”).
  2. Scroll down the list until the moved item is at the top of the view / page.
  3. Repeat from step 1 if needed.

We believe the slution eWeLink choosed is a great solution. It would be best of the list scrolls down automatically when you are at the bottom of the list while you are holding down the item to move but this is a great solution too.

If everythings works out great we can expect the final implementation of this solution on the upcoming eWeLink 4.10 version.

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