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Response of eWeLink to our public letter

On January 18th, 2021 we wrote a public letter to eWeLink with our concerns about not taking the comments of the knowledgeable community very seriously. Today eWeLink shared an official statement with us. In addition to the statement there is some other interesting news related to the public letter which we sure below the statement.

eWeLink’s statement


Thank you for your public letter. It is of great value for us to improve our app and service. We feel humble and are all ears to any constructive suggestions.

With regard to the issues you mentioned in the letter, our solutions are as follows.

  1. Inability to reorder devices. We are aware of this error and would love to fix it as soon as we can. However, the difficulty of this issue lies in that existing potential solutions are not ideal. We had attempted to fix it before. It turned out that there is not a good solution from the perspective of technology at this moment. Therefore, we will keep on researching until we find a proper methodology to solve it thoroughly. Until then, we would appreciate your kind patience and understanding.
  2. LAN control. We understand the frustration caused by this feature, as it used to be a much-anticipated feature by many users. You have our sincere apologies for the frustration and inconvenience caused by it. The reason why that it does not work for some users is that this feature is not compatible with all routers in the market. Considering that there are too many brands and models for routers in the global market, we feel so sorry that we are unable to list out all the supported router models.
    However, we will work hard to support more brands and models as we continue to develop new features and release new versions.
    For now, what we can do is to collect as much data as we need for analysis.
    To help us know which brands and models should be supported in the future, please let us know the brand and model of your router which does not work now. We will take it down. When we gather enough data, we will go ahead to support the most popular routers as soon as we can.
  3. As for the feature requests, our product managers have always been proactively collecting all the requests from different parties, end-users, device makers, voice assistance platform partners, etc. The requests from end-users are often considered very seriously. However, even end-users have huge amounts of feature requests among which some consider crucial, while some do not. When we solely replied on user votes from social media for most of the new features. We were surprised to find some new features taking many efforts turn out not to be what most people want, causing the delay of other truly urgent and important requests. Therefore, we had to depend on statistical data for wiser decisions on the priorities of new features. The user basis is one of the most important factors we take into account when it comes to new feature requests. With current resources, we have to focus on features that can benefit most users or features that give the best performance with less consumption.

Many thanks again for your contribution and valuable suggestions.
Please keep in touch with us. We can work together to make eWeLink better.

Source: Private chat with eWeLink, agreement to share this statement in public

After all complaints of everybody about not replying to comments and not implementing much wanted feature requests and bugfixes we were pretty surprised with this serious and long statement. ? It gives us the feeling we do matter in the world eWeLink and we have kind of a vote. Ofcourse in the end eWeLink decides what they do with the eWeLink app but it is nice to see eWeLink taking user input more seriously.

Reordering devices issues

As you could read in our public letter to eWeLink this issues seems to persist mainly on Android devices. The statement of eWeLink explains appearantly it is quite difficult to resolve the issue seen from a technical viewpoint. In a private chat with us eWeLink explained they will review their code and will try to start fixing this issue in eWeLink 4.10. This version is expected to release at the first week of March 2021. One month later because of Chinese New Year holidays in February for all Chinese people.

LAN mode issues

As you can read in the statement the LAN mode should actually work but seems to be depending on the network configuration you use. To get a better insight about what is going wrong we will start a survey shortly. eWeLink only wants to know which routers are involved in the non-working situations but our survey we ask everybody to fill in the survey and ask about non-working ánd working situations. In this way the eWeLink community website can give a more clear insight about the possible root causes of the LAN mode issues.

Feature requests

As the statement explains eWeLink has to make discissions based on many different input channels which is not always an easy task. We can only hope that most of the community requested features will get implemented soon.

eWeLink’s activity on social media

Last but not least eWeLink shared this private message to us:

And we’ll begin to review comments on social media and App Store.

Source: Private chat with eWeLink, agreement to share this statement in public

Let’s hope this will bring some better communication between eWeLink and their customers.

Your opinion

What do you think about the statement and other answers of eWeLink. Let us know below in the comments! ?

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