Results LAN mode feature issues survey

General statistics

As described in our introduction 19 people took the effort to fill in the LAN mode issues survey. This what we can tell in general about them:

Router/accesspoint hardware

The hardware the respondents use are as follows:

  • 11 people user a main router (57.9%). Ages of those routers: half year, year and older or equal to 3 years.
  • 6 people use an additional router for their eWeLink supported devices (31.6%). Ages of those additional routers: half year, year and older or equal to 3 years (33.3% each).
  • 2 people use an additional accesspoint for their eWeLink supported devices (10.5%). Ages: a year and 2 years.

Additional routers are being used in various ways: in bridge mode, as accesspoint and just normal router mode.

There were no participants using a mobile hotspot.

Chart by Visualizer

Chart by Visualizer

Of all routers/accesspoints involved TP-Link appears to be the most popular. Probably because of its lower pricetag in general. This is an overview of the counts:

1Fibergate Altice

Of the 11 people who use a main router for their eWeLink supported devices:

  • 8 people use a router bought by themselves (72.8%).
  • 3 people use a router provided by their ISP (27.3%).
Chart by Visualizer

eWeLink supported devices

Chart by Visualizer

The amount of connected eWeLink supported devices varies per user. Most popular amounts are 15 and 20 devices (each 3 users) followed by 5 and 6 devices (each 2 users). One user has 60 devices. The lowest amount reported in the survey was 4 devices. The average is 15 devices.

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