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eWeLink starts survey about SmartThings integration

Back in November past year we held a bug eWeLink features and bugs to get some insight about what we, as community, find important to prioritize to implement/fix first. The summarized and top lists can be found at this news article: Results of eWeLink features & bugs survey November 2020. The raw data of that survey was shared with eWeLink. It has inspired eWeLink to organize a few surveys about several subjects and we were asked whether we wanted to share those surveys and ask for people to give their opinion at those surveys.

The first survey we can share with you is about the SmartThings integration. as you may now eWeLink released the SmartThings integration quite recently and the list of supported devices is quite short at this moment. If you wonder how to link your eWeLink account to SmartThings you can read this Knowledge Base article: How to add eWeLink devices to Samsung SmartThings?

The questions at eWeLink’s survey are about your usage of SmartThings, which eWeLink supported devices you’d like to see supportedon SmartThings and what you think which features are/would be most useful at SmartThings and the eWeLink app.

You can fill in the Google Forms form of eWeLink below:

Click here if the above form does not work correctly or when you prefer to have it opened in a new tab or window.

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