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eWeLink has published a list with examples of SmartThings compatible devices

Since December 17th eWelink started to support linking to Samsung’s SmartThings. At first the linking process was unclear but later on became more clear. Then people started wondering which exact products are supported. eWeLink has published a list with examples of devices that are supported for the SmartThings integration.

Supported categories of devices

In general the following categories of devices are supported to use within SmartThings:


The outlets category is a wide range of smart plugs and sockets. Examples given by eWeLink are the Sonoff S26, Sonoff S20 and Sonoff S55. But several C338 smart plugs of several brands are also known to work with SmartThings.

eWeLink also states that power measurement devices are also supported such as the Sonoff POW, Sonoff POWR2, and the Sonoff S31. From our own experience also the SA-001 of different brands is supported. It seems that only the on / off feature of these devices is supported.

Random products for categories Plugs, Outlets and Power Consumption Meters

Sonoff S26

Sonoff S26

  • Many different plug types (EU/US/UK/CN/AU)
  • Looks more elegant and modern
Lonsonho SA-001

Lonsonho SA-001

Small power measurement plug with overload protection. UK, US, AU and EU models.
Timethinker SA-014

Timethinker SA-014

  • Several different plug types (EU type F, US/JP type A, US/JP type B, UK type G)
  • Same look as the older Sonoff S20, but smaller and more round.

Switches / dimmers

This category mostly contains on / off devices. Examples given by eWeLink are 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-gang devices such as the Sonoff 4CHR2/PROR2, Sonoff MINI, Sonoff TX and the Sonoff BASICR2. Also switches with temperature and humidity measurement like the Sonoff TH10 and TH16 are mentioned although we have doubts whether it shows the measured values. We don’t own a TH10 or TH16 ourselves and can’t confirm or deny whether displaying the measurement values works.

Random products for category Switches

Sonoff 4CHPROR3

Sonoff 4CHPROR3

  • 4-gang automation with existing cables / wires.
  • NO / NC (Normally Open / Normally Closed) contacts gives more features to the device like inching getting the attached device to go shortly off instead of shortly on.
  • Dry contacts
  • 433.92 MHz RF remote control support
Konesky WL-SW01_16

Konesky WL-SW01_16

Cheap, easy and ideal automation switch
Konesky WL-SW01_10

Konesky WL-SW01_10

Cheap, easy and ideal automation switch


In this category it is al about devices that emits normal light such as A60 filament light bulbs, RGB light bulbs and the L1 ledstrip. Setting the brightness and color is supported.

Random products for category Lights

Teopek Spider Z

Teopek Spider Z

  • Ideal replacement for your exisiting non-smart RGB 5050 ledstrip controller
  • Comes without ledstrip
  • Comes without power adapter
  • Support for power adapters in the range of 5V to 24V. LED light strip must support the same voltage as the power adapter output voltage!
Sonoff L1 Lite

Sonoff L1 Lite

  • 5050 LED light strip, not water proof!
  • 5 meter LED light strip, 30 LEDs per meter
  • Not recommend to extend the default kit!
  • Can be easily cut and paste which allows you to mold it to any shape you want or decorate any object you want
  • Default kit can be extended to a limit of 10 meters in total
  • Versions with power adapters for EU and US
  • Infrared remote control included
Sonoff B02-F-ST64

Sonoff B02-F-ST64

  • Ideal lamp for quickly switching from cozy warm and dimmed light to bright cold light.
  • Filament light bulb gives retro look.
  • Can be installed in an existing fitting. Doesn’t require an additional switch, additional plug or manual modifications.

Open / closed sensor

For this category only Zigbee window/door sensors connected though a eWeLink supported Zigbee hub are supported.

Random products with attribute “door sensor”

It is possible that this list also shows non-Zigbee products. Please check each individual product information page to check whether it supports Zigbee or not.

Click here for an exact search for Zigbee window/door sensors.

SmartWise RF DW2+

SmartWise RF DW2+

  • Door/window sensor which uses RF on 433.92 MHz
  • Requires a RF bridge to use it with eWeLink
  • Has seperate alert signals for open and close alerts
AllbeAI Zigbee Smart Security Suite

AllbeAI Zigbee Smart Security Suite

  • Complete Zigbee kit for non-critical security measures
  • Manage Zigbee sub-devices directly from the home page of the eWeLink app. No need to access a sub-device page anymore.
  • Supports Zigbee sensors of several other brands and platforms too.
  • Reports status back to the app where RF isn’t capable to do so.
Eachen WiFi Smart door/window sensor – WDW

Eachen WiFi Smart door/window sensor – WDW

WiFi door/window sensor. No need for a RF bridge. Directly communicates with your WiFi router / accesspoint.

Future plans of eWeLink with SmartThings

eWeLink writes they will add more devices to support SmartThings in the future. They are also planning to introduce a more in-depth linking method.


This newsarticle is based on information that can be found within the eWeLink app at Message > Explore > SmartThings Compatible Products via account linking.

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