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eWeLink iOS hotfix release for Siri shortcut issues

The community with iOS devices experienced a lot of issues with Siri shortcuts lately: mostly the Siri shortcuts didn’t work anymore while the corresponding “tap-to-perform” scene is still there in the eWeLink app and manually executing the scene does work correctly. People explained that they needed to re-add the Siri shortcuts in order to let it work again. The issue seemed to occur mostly when an eWeLink app update was installed and after signing out and in into the eWelink app.

At December 26th we had a chat with eWeLink to ask about the status of solving this issue. At that moment they said they will release a hotfix in a few days.

Today the hotfix seems to be released as eWeLink 4.8.1 for iOS and the first confirmations that the Siri shortcut issues are solves starting to come in.

App release information: iOS release 4.8.1

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