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Discontinued Sonoff products

Sonoff introduces some great new products in 2020 like the 4CH(PRO)R3, the MINIR2 and the Zigbee bridge and its sensors. The latests introduction is the DUALR3 which hasn’t been released yet but seems to be very promising.

Sonoff published an announcement today with a list of discontinued products. Most of the items on the list are very logical as they were already followed up by newer revisions.

We will sum up the list below and offer links to their successors if those are already available on our Device lists.

Sonoff 4CHR2

The Sonoff 4CH already reached the 3rd revision: the 4CHR3 which has more settings moved from the hardware to the app.

Sonoff 4CHPROR3 - Front & bottom

Sonoff 4CHR3

  • 4-gang automation with existing cables / wires.
  • Terminal blocks with screws to attach input and output wires.

Sonoff 4CHPROR2

This product also has come the 3rd revision and so the Sonoff 4CHPROR3 is its successor.

Sonoff 4CHPROR3 - Front and bottom

Sonoff 4CHPROR3

  • 4-gang automation with existing cables / wires.
  • NO / NC (Normally Open / Normally Closed) contacts gives more features to the device like inching getting the attached device to go shortly off instead of shortly on.
  • Dry contacts
  • 433.92 MHz RF remote control support

RF Receiver Module 433 MHz

The exact details of this product are unknown to us although we do know it was mentioned at the ITEAD Smart Home products page. It is the only device on the list that doesn’t have a successor.

Sonoff MINI

The Sonoff MINI was not very long on the market but quickly became a succes to Sonoff. Mainly because of its versatility: it can be built-in behind a switch in a in-wall switch box. It is also one of the very few device with an input port. This input port normally would be used by a switch but actually can be any sensor or device that has dry contact switching.

One of the downsides of the Sonoff MINI for some people was the external antenna. Sonoff also wanted to make more clear that the S1 and S2 connections are low voltage. The successor solves all this: the Sonoff MINIR2 has an external antenna and the S1 and S2 connectors now have a grey color whilst the other connectors are black.

Sonoff MINIR2: top, left, front

Sonoff MINIR2

  • Can be easily built in in a switch box behind a normal switch.
  • Normal switches can still be used.
  • Two way setup possible.
  • Supports DIY mode which has a REST API.

Sonoff S20

The Sonoff S20 is an older but quite popular model. It is also easy to open and easy to flash according to the community. The follow up of the S20 is the S26 which looks more elegant and modern.

The French, United States and Chinese variants are still available while stocks last, but all others are already discontinued.

Sonoff S20: EU: front

Sonoff S20 (discontinued)

  • This product is discontinued by Sonoff. Only the US/EU(E)/CN variants will remain available as long as stock lasts.
  • Many different plug types (EU/US/UK/CN/AU)
  • Basic look: a bit bulky.
  • Bright led ring (not advisable to use in a bedroom).
Sonoff S26

Sonoff S26

  • Many different plug types (EU/US/UK/CN/AU)
  • Looks more elegant and modern

Sonoff BASIC

The Sonoff BASIC is a very popular easy switch that can be used in many scenarios. Its successor is the Sonoff BASICR3 but on the list of Sonoff the BASICR2 is mentioned as the successor. Probably because the BASICR3 have about the same looks as the BASIC whilst the BASICR3 had a redesign. We haven’t listed the BASICR3 yet, so below you see the BASICR2.

Sonoff BasicR2: front view

Sonoff BasicR2

Cheap, easy and ideal automation switch to replace an existing switch in a cord or to add in a cord that didn’t have one.

Sonoff POW

Especially loved by cost-conscious users and techies: the Sonoff POW. Its successor is the Sonoff POWR2. Unfortunately we currently haven’t listed both of them on our Device lists.

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