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[UPDATE] Sonoff announces DUALR3: a DUALR2 and MINIR2 combined in the size of a MINIR2

Sonoff DUALR3: general product image
Sonoff DUALR3: general product image

UPDATE Dec 23, 2020

The tease of Sonoff continues. Sonoff shared a video of the switch modes the DUALR3 supports:

Switch modes demonstration video by Sonoff. Source: Sonoff Facebook page

On questions of us they already answered with a wiring diagram which shows you how to use the Sonoff DUALR3:

Sonoff DUALR3: wiring diagram
Sonoff DUALR3: wiring diagram. Source: Answer of Sonoff on Sonoff’s Facebook page

So appearantly the S1 and S2 connectors don’t need each other anymore (each switch connector is for each gang) and now works with high voltage instead of internal low voltage. This is a significant difference to the Sonoff MINI/MINIR2.

Original message Dec 21, 2020

Today, December 21st, Sonoff announced they will release their Sonoff DUALR3 soon. This device is a 2-gang multifunctional device and can be used as a motor driver for e.g. curtains, blinds, roller shutters and awnings. But it can also be used as a 1-way or 2-way light switching device. The possibilities are almost endless.

Quite a lot people asked for a 2-gang version of the Sonoff MINI and Sonoff seemed to have listened to their customers / community with the upcoming release of this product. The DUALR3 remained te power measurement / monitoring features of the DUALR2, added the switch connectivity feature of the MINIR2 and also has schrunk to about the size of a MINIR2. The only thing missing according to the community is the ability to add a second switch to be able to witch both gangs independently from each other with physical switces or seperate dry contact sensors. Let’s hope an improved version of the DUALR3 which has that feature will arrive in the future.

Below is the announcement of Sonoff on Facebook:

Some more details on and images off the Sonoff DUALR3 can be found at the website of Sonoff: If you leave your email address on that page they promise you to give you a huge early bird discount when the DUALR3 is ready to preorder.

We will add the Sonoff DUALR3 to our Device lists as soon as the product gots released and is ready to (pre)order.

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