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eWeLink email newsletter December 2020

eWeLink has just send out an e-mail newsletter with information about what has changed in eWeLink 4.8.0.

Also in this newsletter:

  • Google Scheduled Actions
  • Alexa Energy Dashboard
  • eWeLink works with SmartThings now
  • SONOFF DUALR3 is coming soon
  • 3 ways to automate your Christmas tree

Not subscribed to the e-mail newsletter yet? You can do it within the eWeLink app. You can read how to do that in this KB article: Does eWeLink have a newsletter? How can I subscribe to the eWeLink Newsletter?

Want to know the exact changelog of eWeLink 4.8.0? Have a look at our App releases pages.

Below we tried to recreate the content of the newsletter.

eWeLink support logo

Dear eWeLink Subscriber,
Merry Christmas!
Thank you for your support this year.
This December is a very special one, as we have many marvelous updates from eWeLink and our partners.
Please don’t miss out on any of them.
Finally, at this special moment, please allow us to extend our best wishes to you and your families.
See you next year!

Newsletter eWeLink December 2020: eWeLink 4.8

What’s new in eWeLink V4.8

Thanks to our volunteer translators, eWeLink continues to support more languages. This version starts to support Hebrew. You may also tap Profile>Settings>Language to check other languages we support now.The new version of eWeLink app mainly focuses on new product or hardware related updates.

Newsletter eWeLink December 2020: Google scheduled actions

Google Scheduled Actions

Google assistant now allows you to set schedules on connected eWeLink devices. Before setting any schedule, make sure that you have linked your eWeLink account with Google Assistant. With Google App-flip linking, you can do it in seconds.
Try saying ‘Hey Google, turn on my bedroom light 6PM tomorrow” or “Turn off my lights in 10 minutes.”

Newsletter eWeLink December 2020: Alexa Energy Dashboard

Alexa Energy Dashboard

This month, Alex released the energy dashboard and hunches features to help users monitor energy use and predict potential waste. eWeLink is among the first to launch support for the energy dashboard.

Newsletter eWeLink December 2020: Works with SmartThings

Add eWeLink Support devices to SmartThings app

You can now add eWeLink products to the SmartThings app, control eWeLink Support devices in SmartThings app, set schedules for and create automations with SmartThings devices in SmartThings app.

Newsletter eWeLink December 2020: Sonoff DUALR3 is coming soon

SONOFF DUALR3 is coming soon

SONOFF DUALR3 is coming soon, small but powerful. Come with an all-new look, new modes and more features. Learn more and get a huge early bird discount here.

Newsletter eWeLink December 2020: 3 ways to automate your Christmas tree

3 ways to automate your Christmas tree

The bells are ringing. Christmas is upon us. Missed the holiday shopping for Christmas decorations? No worries. We got you back. Find the three must-have items to light up the Christmas mood instantly here.

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