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You can now link eWeLink with SmartThings

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Today, December 17, 2020, eWeLink announced the support of the SmartThings platform. You can now link eWeLink to SmartThings and operate your eWeLink devices with SmartThings.

eWeLink explains it obtained the “Work with SmartThings” (WWST) certificate and that is paving the way for a quick path for certification foor all device makers working with eWeLink. eWeLink also describes this step as a milestone to eWeLink’s mission to work with everything which we as eWeLink community website surely believe is indeed a big step to eWeLink to “works with everything”.

eWeLink’s R&D team: “The collaboration between eWeLink and SmartThings is great news for both eWeLink users and SmartThings users. Consumers will find it as easy as pressing buttons to connect with the SmartThings app and to control their devices in the SmartThings app seamlessly. “

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We as eWeLink community website do not use SmartThings and can not tell in which way the integration of eWeLink with SmartThings work but things will surely become clear anytime soon. We are guessing that buttons, documentation, etc. will arrive in an upcoming version of eWeLink.

What are your thoughts on this news? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to Moood (@rough1992) on the oficial eWeLink Telegram group for the newstip!

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