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Results of eWeLink features & bugs survey November 2020

On Sunday 23 November 2020 we asked you to fill in the eWeLink features & bugs survey. A community driven survey to get an insight of what the community believes which features and bugs should get the most priority by eWeLink. Within a week time we received 31 replies which we are grateful for.

At this news item you will find the most important outcome and some highlights. The raw results will be shared with eWeLink. Ofcourse we will leave out your names and email addresses in that raw material.

How do we interpret the survey data?

People were able to give a number on a scale of 1 to 5 on each topic. A 1 means people thinks a topic shouldn’t get much priority by eWeLink to do something with it. A 5 means a topic should get very high priority at eWeLink to do something with it.

We calculated the average of the given priority per topic. We call it a “Priority index” in the results. We also noted how many votes were given because people also had the ability to answer N/A (not applicable or no opinion). In this way we give more value to the priority indexes. We first sorted on the amount of votes (high to low) and then we sorted on the priority index (high to low). Without sorting the votes first a topic with only 10 votes could come in a top 10 with a priority index of 4.5 whilst a topic with a priority index of 4.4 with 30 votes probably couldn’t.

We also calculated the results without taking the number of votes into account. Those top lists are shown later on in this news article.

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