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Results of eWeLink features & bugs survey November 2020

Freeform answers – Features

We gathered as much of the desired features and bugs we could find on the social media but we left room to write features and bugs that weren’t mentioned at the survey. The list is shown below and also shared with eWeLink. We might use the list for future surveys too.


  • Location trigger for scenes
  • Rearrange automatic scenes (currently only available for manual scenes)
  • Rearrange triggers and actions at scene settings
  • Allow multiple sensors linked to the same RF bridge as trigger in the same scene
  • Scene options to set a RGB ledstrip/lightbulb to a specific color and brightness


  • Native Home Assistant support


  • Virtual switches
  • Pushnotifications for SNZB-02 reaching a set temperature
  • Push notification for ALL devices (currently only a few devices that have push notifications)
  • Global log for all devices
  • Reset inching counter to zero when pressen on button / digital switch before inching timer reach the end
  • Ability to disable RF pairing for RF devices like 4CH Pro to prevent accidental unwanted RF pairing
  • History records for temperature and humidity
  • Download older versions to devices, not only latest

App general

  • Set a room as default start screen instead of “All devices”
  • Allow multiple logins to account simultanously
  • Customization options (apart from a complete theme): icon size, more/less tekst, what interface buttons to show, what data to show, etc.

Third parties

  • Support for motion sensor on Alexa
  • Show temperature of temperature sensors in Google Home (actually a Google Home issue)
  • Integration with Tuya


  • Temperature / humidity sensor as widget on Android device
  • Widgets to trigger scenes


  • Overview of registered devices and scenes on a website to check for discrepancies between server and app
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