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New on the eWeLink community website: Reviews!

At the launch of the eWeLink community website we were already happy to have quite a complete website system but there was one thing missing: a review section! We are happy to announce our brand new review section! ?

Kind of products we will review

From time to time we will review some eWeLink supported products. Like the known and famous ones of Sonoff. But also other well known brands like King art and Eachen. And the lesser known brands like Lonsonho will get reviews here if we got a device of that brand.

Any other products that can be used with the help of an eWeLink supported product will get reviewed too. A good example of the latter one is our very first review: OEM 433 MHz RF 3-gang mechanical switch This a 433 MHz switch which can be used by pairing it to an eWeLink supported RF bridge.

OEM 433 MHz RF 3-gang mechanical switch: Front

OEM 433 MHz RF 3-gang mechanical switch

On December 22, 2020 we received a sample package from eWeLink free of charge. One of the items in this package is an OEM 433 MHz RF 3-gang mechanical switch. The switch can be used to drive RF receiving devices like the Sonoff RF bridge or the Sonoff 4CHPROR3. This article is written by Joennuh.… Read More »OEM 433 MHz RF 3-gang mechanical switch

We just received a package full of sample products from eWeLink. Most of them were already being used on the eWeLink office and are not needed by them anymore. Not all products we receive can be reviewed by us but we try to eventually review the most of them.

The structure of the reviews

As we just started with the review section we don’t really have a 100% finetuned structure for our reviews yet. Our thirst thoughts is to have the following sections:

  • Design
    • Look of the product
  • Durability
    • Build quality
  • Usability
    • Can it be used in an intuitive way?
    • Is there a clear documentation of features and button commands?
  • Compatibility
    • Does it work well with third party devices / platforms?
    • Does it work well together with other eWeLink supported devices?
  • Usefullness
    • Is it a very usefull product or more like a niche product?
    • Can it be used in a flexible way? Can it be used for many scenarios?
  • Stability
    • Everything in this category will not be mentioned always but is difficult to keep monitoring devices for a longer period.
    • Does it keep working great for a longer period?
    • Does it not show an offline status all the time?
    • Does it not produce errors?
    • Are there any pairing issues?

Together with the review we show a scorecard with a score for each of the applicable sections mentioned above. The average of them will be the endscore for the reviewed product.

Regarding photos and videos we try to avoid unnecessary material. Photos and videos have to support our reviews and not overtake the reviews. It needs to make some things clear what is difficult to make clear with text.

Where to find the reviews

We added the link called “Reviews“to the menu. With that link you will see the review archive. From the review archive you can open any review. You can also use the search feature of the website to find a particular review on our review archive. On each review we also add tags to quickly find reviews that use the same tag.

Request for other reviewers

Different people, different needs, different devices. Not all people do have the same kind of devices because they have differend needs. That makes that not all devices can be reviewed by ourselves. We invite people who want to write reviews to contact us to co-operate on a volunteering base (the website after all is non-profit). Please contact us with your offer to help. You can find the contact methods on our Contact form.

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