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eWeLink release schedule January and February 2021

Some people were wondering when the next version of the eWeLink app will be released. Because of Christmas, New Year and some days off for Chinese people we could imagine there will be a delay in the release scheme.

Today we had a chat with eWeLink to ask about this and this was their answer:

Any news whether there is a new release of the app in January?

In mid January.

Then we skip Feb. Because of the Chinese new year.

Source: Private Telegram chat with eWeLink

So expect the release of eWeLink 4.9.0 for Android mid-January instead of the first week of January. Based on the current release scheme for iOS we believe the release of eWeLink 4.9.0 for iOS will be at the beginning of February. As explained above there will be no release in February because of the Chinese New Year and days off for Chinese people.

What to expect in eWeLink 4.9.0

This is what we can expect in eWeLink 4.9.0:


  • New feature of the Camera app.
  • A new integration.
  • New Sonoff products.

Source: Private Telegram chat with eWeLink

Disclaimer: All information above have been shared publicly in agreement with eWeLink.

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