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What eWeLink features, improvements and devices can we expect in 2022?

Expected in 2022

A new year has started and so we can look all forward to new eWeLink features, eWeLink improvements , new eWeLink compatible devices and improvements to eWeLink compatible devices in 2022. We can not completely oversee what will happen during the whole year 2022 as both eWeLink and manufacturers never share longterm roadmaps. We can however list public news and messages we found. We can also sum up about what we believe that might happen.

eWeLink Web

ITEAD Founder Freezing Xie shares this tweet with the hope that eWeLink Web will be improved further. Looking at the improvements in the second half of 2021 (much more supported devices and much more eWeLink app options copied to eWeLink Web) we are sure eWeLink will bring many more improvements to eWeLink Web in 2022.

Tweet of ITEAD founder Freezing Xie about his dreams to make eWeLink Web more useful this year


We also came accross this Facebook post of eWeLink:

eWeLink’s Facebook post about the upcoming Webhook support at eWeLink Web

So at the beginning of this year it will be easier to integrate eWeLink into your DIY projects with the help of Webhooks. Be aware though that this will require an eWeLink Advanced subscription.

For personal developers it was already possible to access the Coolkit Open Platform 4.1. For more information about that, you can read the Docs center at the upper right corner on

Only ITEAD (the manufacturer of the best known and most famous brand Sonoff) shared some information on improvements and upcoming products.

Improvements to the NSPanel

Although their Kickstarter campaign of the NSPanel was quite succesfull there are still quite some complaints about the initial functionality of the NSPanel like temperature deviation compared to other sensors and meters and lossing the WiFi connection very often. Yesterday we wrote an article about what manufacturer ITEAD is planning to do about that: ITEAD is working on long awaited bugfixes and improvements for Sonoff NSPanel

Show Sonoff camera footage on Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest hub devices

One of the features people ask for a lot nowadays is the ability to show the footage of the Sonoff camera on the screen of Amazon Echo Show’s and Google Nest hub’s. Due the technologies the Sonoff camera uses the footage can’t be streamed directly to those devices.

eWeLink came up with a workaround: using the eWeLink camera gateway on a Raspberry Pi with Docker or Portainer. However, this woraround is not very convenient for the less tech-savvy users.

Sonoff was seeking for 100 testers worldwide to test a new solution to show Sonoff camera footage on Amazon Echo Show’s and Google Nest hub devices:

Sonoff’s Facebook post about seeking 100 volunteers who have a Sonoff camera to test showing footage straight on an Amazon Echo Show or Google Nest hub

We don’t know how the new solution exactly works but we hope it will be more convenient to use to all users.


After the release of the MINIR3 and S-MATE combination (which is the no-neutral solution to the MINIR2) it was inevitable that manufacturer ITEAD would come up with a Zigbee solution too. It will take not to long to see the new ZBMINI-L come to the market: the no-neutral Zigbee solution to keep on using your old switch and to drive a lightbulb. It also has a DIN rail install system.

Sonoff’s Facebook post about the upcoming ZBMINI-L

Mysterious little device

Something mysterious we came accross is a little black device with on the bottom a bunch of holes in the shape of a round disc in a way that it looks like the device has a speaker. It is unclear what it will do. According to ITEAD founder Freezing Xie it will be released soon. Our thoughts about what this device can be? Maybe a little personal alarm with Zigbee smarthome connectivity, a vibration sensor with alarm or a little bluetooth speaker with some kind of smarthome connectivity. We will have to wait for the release to be certain about what this device does.

Tweet of ITEAD founder Freezing Xie about a mysterious new little Sonoff device

Other expected products

Based on the demand of the community, public answers of ITEAD and public information shared by ITEAD we expect the products in the list below. Not all products are 100% certain, but some are.

  • White version of the NSPanel
  • NSPanel with extended / improved functionality
  • Follow up for discontinued TH10 and TH16 (probably because of chips shortage, follow up will probably have ESP32 chipset).

We might have missed public messages which could indicate more new products. If so: please let us known in the comments section below or by contacting us at the Contact form.

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