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ITEAD is working on long awaited bugfixes and improvements for Sonoff NSPanel

The Sonoff NSPanel is a great Kickstarter succes to ITEAD, but as with most successfull things in life it also comes with some downsides. Some issues are repeatedly reported on several social media. ITEAD took notice of the complaints and shared a post on social media with their plans for the upcoming firmware 1.2.0 for their Sonoff NSPanel.

Temperature calibration and deviation setup

The biggest complaint about the Sonoff NSPanel is the deviation that the Sonoff NSPanel shows in the measured temperature compared to other temperature sensors and temperature meters. The temperature measured by the Sonoff NSPanel is often 1.5 to 4°C to high and people wanted to be able to correct that. We already experienced the deviation during pre-release testing and reviewing. ITEAD will implement the calibration feature in firmware 1.2.0.

More supported devices for widgets

Some devices weren’t supported to display and control on the widget section of the NSPanel. In firmware 1.2.0 ITEAD adds support for the DUALR3, DUALR3 Lite and the D1.

Names of channels for multichannel devices

For devices with multiple channels like the 4CH, Switchman M5, 2 or more channel switches, etc. the names of the channels set in the eWeLink app were not shown on the widgets screen of the NSPanel. Instead the default names “Outlet 1”, “Outlet 2”, etc. were shown. Many people got frustrated about that and were wondering where so set the correct names, but there was not a seperate setting for these names. The NSPanel should respect the names already set at each device setting and show those names. Firmware 1.2.0 fixes this.

Other improvements

Firmware 1.1.0 has some issues with widgets and with the stability of the WiFi connection. ITEAD fixes this with firmware 1.1.1.

Below are all improvements in 1.2.0 including the ones not mentioned above:

List of improvements in firmware 1.2.0 for Sonoff NSPanel
List of improvements in firmware 1.2.0 for Sonoff NSPanel. Source: Facebook / Sonoff

Product information

Sonoff NSPanel: Front of EU and US model

Sonoff NSPanel

The Sonoff NSPanel is a multifunctional display device to add to your wall. It fits in US en EU junction boxes. It has a Nextion touchscreen display and you can operate eWeLink compatible devices and scenes with it. It also shows you the weather and you can use it as a thermostat with the build-in temperature sensor.

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