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Sonoff NSPanel Kickstarter campaign ended successfully: 6783% funded

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The Kickstarter campaign for the Sonoff NSPanel has just ended today. It was the first Kickstarter campaign for manufacturer ITEAD and it turned out to be a great success. Many backers backed the project and pledged their money for the Sonoff NSPanel, a multifunction HMI-device.

We were already convinced the Sonoff NSPanel is a great device for simple operation of some eWeLink compatible devices and scenes. You can read about that in our extensive and exclusive review about the Sonoff NSPanel.


Now that the Kickstarter campaign for the Sonoff NSPanel has ended we can share the following public statistics which definitely proves the popularity of the Sonoff NSPanel Kickstarter campaign:

Goal:HK $38,992 (about US $5006 / €4,330)
Pledged by backers:HK $2,639,995 (about US $338,775 / €293,170)
Percentage funded:6783%
Amount of backers:3662

A thank you of ITEAD

This is the Kickstarter campaign update ITEAD wrote today:

Dear backers,

We just finished the campaign on Kickstarter and we can’t believe that we could be around US$338,775 funded! Thank you all for your support! We’ve got a lot of feedback and suggestions during this campaign for the NSPanel. We will take all into consideration and test all the functions you’ve mentioned. It’s just a beginning and we still have a long way to move forward. Remember to fill the survey out and we will ship them to your hands at the time we promised. 

Sonoff NSPanel: Thank you from ITEAD

Please continue to follow our latest update. Thank you all again!

Kind regards,


Source: Sonoff NSPanel Kickstarter campaign updates page

What’s next?

All backers will receive a survey to fill in the last needed info to ship their backed Sonoff NSPanels and switches (if a backer choosed to order a switch with the Sonoff NSPanel). The Sonoff NSPanel will now be taken into mass production. ITEAD expects to ship the Sonoff NSPanels in December to all backers.

Sonoff NSPanel: Timeline
Sonoff NSPanel: Timeline. Source: Kickstarter

We guess after all backed Sonoff NSPanels has been sent out ITEAD will make the Sonoff NSPanel available to (pre-)order at their own website

Unfortunately the Kickstarter campaign didn’t reach the extended goal of US $350,000 to implement support for SmartThings and LIFX, but we won’t be surprised if ITEAD still implements this support along with other not yet announced support.

Product information

Sonoff NSPanel: Front of EU and US model

Sonoff NSPanel

The Sonoff NSPanel is a multifunctional display device to add to your wall. It fits in US en EU junction boxes. It has a Nextion touchscreen display and you can operate eWeLink compatible devices and scenes with it. It also shows you the weather and you can use it as a thermostat with the build-in temperature sensor.

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