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Sonoff NSPanel is now available to pre-order

Sonoff NSPanel: Demonstration of operating a RGB ledstrip
Sonoff NSPanel: Demonstration of operating a RGB ledstrip

2 days ago the Kickstarter campaign of the Sonoff NSPanel succesfully ended while it got 6783% funded. Yesterday manufacturer ITEAD announced the popular Sonoff NSPanel is now available to pre-order at their website. Today European reseller eWeLink Store announced they offer to pre-order the Sonoff NSPanel too so that European users don’t have to order in China and get it delivered from there.

The Sonoff NSPanel is a multifunction HMI device with a touchscreen display which can operate up to 8 eWeLink compatible devices / scenes, act as some sort of thermostat, show you the time, show you the weather and operate 2 directly attached devices. We have exclusively reviewed it in our extensive review.

Both sellers say they will get stock in December / January. So when you order you have to wait untill then to receive your Sonoff NSPanel.


Currently the Sonoff NSPanel is available for these prices:

SellerUS DollarEuro
eWeLink Store$75.531€65.99

1 = Converted with exchange rate on

We have updated the seller links at the Sonoff NSPanel listing at our Device lists:

Product information

Sonoff NSPanel: Front of EU and US model

Sonoff NSPanel

The Sonoff NSPanel is a multifunctional display device to add to your wall. It fits in US en EU junction boxes. It has a Nextion touchscreen display and you can operate eWeLink compatible devices and scenes with it. It also shows you the weather and you can use it as a thermostat with the build-in temperature sensor.

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