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[UPDATE 2] eWeLink app taken down from Google Play Store, eWeLink is busy resolving it

Update November 12th, 2021, 15:43 GMT+1: The app is available again at the Google Play Store!

Yesterday reports started coming in the eWeLink app isn’t available anymore. Today these reports continued to come in. eWeLink answered to the concerns of users with the folllowing message on Telegram:

A new version 4.17 of the eWeLink App is under review.
You can download the current version here:
Please stay tuned with us.

Source: eWeLink employee Melody Meng at official eWeLink Telegram group

Above linked APK file contains eWeLink 4.16.2. Update November 10th, 2021, 14:10 GMT+1: The above linked APK file now contains version 4.17.0.

Anonymous resources told us Google took the eWeLink app down because of a violation of a development guideline to which app developpers are tight if they want to publish their apps on the Play Store. This happens sometimes to various developers and various apps. When the violations are solved and the updated app is approved by Google the app will be available again on the Play Store.

The working of the eWeLink app itself as well all other eWeLink services are not affected. Only in-app payments for the eWeLink Advanced subscription currently do not work if you are using the eWeLink app on Android.

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