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eWeLink is seeking volunteering translators for several languages

Since februari 2021 eWeLink uses Crowdin to manage translations and let eWeLink users help in translating on voluntairy base. At the beginning many people joined the Crowdin project and it was a success to eWeLink (although they never said it out loud). Some languages are frequently updates and kept a high quality of translations, but others didn’t. eWeLink want to change that now by asking people to join in the translation work.

eWeLink Translations manager Melody Meng shared the question at the official eWeLink Telegram group:

Some more information on the translation work can be found at our Knowledge Base article “Translations“. There you will also find information on how to get in contact with eWeLink if you are not a Telegram users.

Below is a list of available languages at the Crowdin project for eWeLink. The languages are listed of least translated to most translated. A blue bar indicates the percentage translated string, but not yet approved by proofreaders. A green bar indicates the percentage translated and approved. A gray bar indicates the percentage not yet translated strings. This overview can help you determine for which language you can offer help.

Percentage translated languages 2021-11-08
Percentage translated languages 2021-11-08
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