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Sonoff NSPanel can now be flashed with Tasmota

Yesterday Everything Smart Home uploaded a video with step-by-step instructions how to flash your Sonoff NSPanel with Tasmota so that one can take advantage of the unique features of Tasmota like using your Sonoff NSPanel locally and using it with Home Assistant.

Personally we don’t have experience with flashing and thus also not with Tasmota, but many people would like to see the ability to use Tasmota on the Sonoff NSPanel before pledging their money for it on Kickstarter. So we are happy to share the video of Everything Smart Home below:

Instructionvideo of Everything Smart Home on YouTube about how to flash Sonoff NSPanel with Tasmota
Kickstarter logo

You can still pledge your money at Kickstarter to retrieve your own Sonoff NSpanel. Go to to pledge your money. At the moment of this writing you have 6 days left to pledge your money.

Product information

Sonoff NSPanel: Front of EU and US model

Sonoff NSPanel

The Sonoff NSPanel is a multifunctional display device to add to your wall. It fits in US en EU junction boxes. It has a Nextion touchscreen display and you can operate eWeLink compatible devices and scenes with it. It also shows you the weather and you can use it as a thermostat with the build-in temperature sensor.

The Kickstarter links are technically referral links, but this is only used for referral analytics. We don’t earn money with it.
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