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eWeLink VIP subscription plans (eWeLink Advanced)

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You can subscribe for an eWeLink VIP subscription plan (currently only eWeLink Advanced is available) to get an improved experience of the eWeLink app and other eWeLink services.

Comparison between the different eWeLink plans

– In-app 1$0.= / €0.=$9.99 / €9.99
eWeLink VIP website 2$0.= / €0.=$9.90 / < €9.90 2
– In-app 1$0.= / €0.=$2.09 / €2.09
eWeLink App
– Homes510
– Rooms100200
– Scenes3001000
– Groups50200
– Shares per device20100
eWeLink Camera app 3
– Concurrent sessions15
eWeLink Keyboard
– Shortcuts16
eWeLink Web
Google Home
Amazon Alexa

1 = Payment possible with in-app payment system of Apple Pay (iOS) and Google Pay (Android). Go to Profile > Upgrade for more features.
2 =, only PayPal (or creditcard through PayPal), valuta conversion applies to other valuta than US Dollars. Processing may take up 48 hours.
3 = Not to confuse with physical eWeLink IP-camera’s. This is about the app to turn your old phone into a security camera.
4 = May require a subscription at IFTTT according to your needs. More information is available at

How do I subscribe?

In-app (iOS & Android)

You can subscribe in-app by going to the Profile screen, press the button Upgrade for more features, select the Annual or Monthly subscription, tick the checkbox for the terms and agreement and then tap Agree and pay. After this follow the instructions of your mobile operating system in-app payment system.

Your subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of each period and can be cancelled from the corresponding application store (App Store / Play Store).

eWeLink VIP Website (PayPal)

For this way you need to have an email address added to your eWeLink account. To add or edit your email address go to the Profile screen, tap eWeLink Account, then tap Email address and follow the instructions in the app.

To purchase the subscription go to At the field that says Enter your eWeLink account email you need to fill in the email address associated to your eWeLink account. Then tap Upgrade Now.

At the overview screen you can enter a discount code at Apply Discount Code if you received one. In that case don’t forget to tap Apply Discount before you proceed! When done tap Place Order.

Follow the instructions of the PayPal website. You will receive an email with the confirmation of the payment. The account privileges will be upgraded manually by eWeLink employees and can take up to 48 hours.

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