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IFTTT stands for If This Then That and is a good representation of what the service offers: conditional automatation. You define a condition (the “if this”, for example: a Sonoff S26R2 turns on) and what should happen next (the “then that”, for example: a Sonoff Mini turns on too). The eWeLink app offers basic automation features for only eWeLink supported devices. IFTTT goes beyond that.

IFTTT is not limited to only eWeLink. It supports dozens of other smarthome brands too. From plugs to light switches and from robot vacuum cleaners to thermostats. IFTTT also offers automation support for several online service like online spreadsheets, note taking services, e-mailservices and social media. All of these services have triggers (“if this”) and actions (“then that”).


One automation is called an “applet”. An applet have definitions for the trigger and action. An applet mostly is one automation definition for one device or online service. If you want to have an additional automation for a device or online service you have to create an additional applet.

When you create an applet yourself the applet counts as an “own applet”. There are also predefined applets build by others (mostly the partners of IFTTT) which are called “published applets”. Those are mostly somehow limited compared to the possibilities of own applets. Published applets do not count as “own applet” although you configure them with your own settings. When you use a published applet it does not affect the devices the creator has but only your own devices.

Normally an applet can only have 1 trigger and 1 action but nowadays with a payed subscription you can have multiple actions and advanced conditions.

Requirement: eWeLink subscription

In order to be able to use IFTTT you need to have a paid subscription at eWeLink. A subscription gives you several benefits like increased amount of items in the app (homes, rooms, shares per device, etc.), access to eWeLink Web (webbased operation that works on many devices with a webbrowser) and much more. eWeLink subscriptions can be payed either monthly or annual. Read more about the eWeLink subscriptions at the Knowledgre Base article “eWeLink VIP subscription plans (eWeLink Advanced)“.

Possible requirement: IFTTT Pro

Starting on September 9th, 2020 IFTTT decided to introduce paid subscriptions. In 2021 IFTTT changed their plans again. Everyone who had IFTTT Pro from the beginning will keep their benefits as promised back then. All new users have to choose between Free, Pro or Pro+.

A comparison between the current (November 30th, 2021) available IFTTT plans:

PropertyFree planPro planPro+ plan
Own applets520
Published applets
Multi-action applets
Customer support
Prioritized customer support
Connect multiple accounts
Use queries and filter code
Publish and manage API
CostsFree$5 / €4.50 per month$10 / €8.90 per month

So if you need more than 5 automations or more extensive automation features you will need to buy IFTTT Pro or IFTTT Pro+. For more information about the plans please visit For general information about IFTTT Pro visit

More information on IFTTTO Pro can be found at

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