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eWeLink 4.15.1 for iOS makes paying eWeLink subscription with Apple Pay possible

On September 13th eWeLink 4.15.1 for iOS got released on the App Store. Earlier we told you that in-app payments on the Android version of eWeLink were made possible and now in eWeLink 4.15.1 for iOS it got followed by in-app payments at the iOS version of eWeLink.

Many people faced issues issues with purchasing the eWeLink subscription on PayPal. Mostly local laws and regulations prevented those people from being able to purchase an eWeLink Advanced subscription. There were no good solutions to overcome that issue. And now those issues are solved by the availability of Apple Pay in the eWeLink app.

You can choose to pay the eWeLink Advanced subscription annually or monthy. Annually it costs $9.99 per year and monthly it costs $2.09 per month. The subscription gets renewed automatically once you pay with Apple Pay. The subscription can be cancelled at any time from the App Store.

More details can be found in-app (Message > Explore) or here:

What do you think of this new feature?

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