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ITEAD releases Sonoff NSPanel touchscreen device on Kickstarter: We have tested and reviewed it!

Sonoff NSPanel: in operation without junction box
Sonoff NSPanel: in operation without junction box

Today ITEAD release the Sonoff NSPanel on Kickstarter. The Sonoff NSPanel is a multifunction touchscreen device that can be built into the wall in a junction box. The devices allows you to operate to a maximum of 8 eWeLink compatible devices and scenes. It also acts as a thermostat with its build-in temperature sensor and shows you live weather data from the internet.

ITEAD was teasing people for a few weeks now on their Sonoff Facebook page about the release of the NSPanel. The release originally should have been earlier, but was delayed due last-minute improvements of the NSPanel based on the feedback of reviewers.

Exclusive extensive review

We from the eWeLink Community Website were given a pre-release review sample of the Sonoff NSPanel and have tested it for a few weeks now. We are quite happy with this new device that will be an affordable little alternative to famous smarthome display devices like the ones of Amazon and Google. Although it has lesser features. It’s ideal to install in several rooms were you want to operate a few devices or scenes quickly and convienant.

Please read our complete extensive review about the device here: Sonoff NSPanel

Pledging on Kickstarter

Kickstarter logo

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform. It is mostly used by startups to be asured to have enough interest of people and enough money to produce a new device or service. When a goal is not reached all people who have pledged (so-called “backers”) will get their money back. For the Sonoff NSPanel ITEAD wanted to be sure about enough interest and so released this product on Kickstarter. During the writing of this article people already pledged €1975,= of the €4321,= goal.

You can pledge for this the Sonoff NSPanel on Kickstarter at:

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