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New seller of eWeLink supported products with own website: eWeLink Store

eWeLink Store: logo

A new major player on the market of eWeLink supported devices sellers: eWeLink Store. eWeLink Store is an European store which serves European consumers. The online store is run by Marketcom Ltd., a company based in Budapest, Hungary. Marketcom Ltd. started as local Hungarian company selling smarthome devices to the local market in 2018, specializing only on eWeLink compatible devices, and expanded the business to all Europe, now delivering to all countries of the European Union with their international store eWeLink Store.

Wide range of products

eWeLink Store offers a wide range of products that are supported by the eWeLink platform. They offer products from multiple eWeLink compatible brands: Sonoff, SmartWise, KingArt and WDYK. The types of devices sold by eWeLink Store varies from plugs to touch switches, from RF devices to Zigbee devies and from LED strips to camera’s. They keep almost all Sonoff devices on stock within Europe. Their other main brand SmartWise nicely complements Sonoff offering with its 5 – 32V relais, single-live-wire wall switches and different RF sensors.

Big advantages to European eWeLink users

  • No risk of additional taxes at the moment of importing from China (regarding the new customs tax regulations since July 1st, 2021).
  • Immediately (same day) packing and sending the orders from stock.
  • 2 years warranty as required by European regulations.
  • Free return* within 14 days according to European regulations.
  • You buy from an official Sonoff distributor and eWeLink specialist company, helping customers with pre-order advises and also providing technical support.

* = Only costs to send the package back to eWeLink Store.


eWeLink Store mainly deliver with GLS which can be a bit more expensive, but also fast. They also provide you the option to use other couriers (DHL, DPD, national post service, etc.) which is much cheaper, but might be 1 – 2 days slower.The list of other couriers differs per country.

Verified seller

eWeLink Store contacted us and showed good manners to us. We provided some advises for their website and they promised to take the feedback seriously.

We also analysed their website and we believe it contains all the information you as consumer need to know: how to contact eWeLink Store, warranty rules, payment options, shipping options, etc.

All information combined gives us a good feeling that eWeLink Store is a trustworthy seller. That is why we have added them to our list of Verified sellers.

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