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New on eWeLink Community Website: Verified sellers

Today we start with something new on the eWeLink Community Website: Verified sellers. We hope this helps you as a website visitor finding trustworthy sellers to buy eWeLink supported devices from.


We have seen many different eWeLink supported devices on many different selling platforms. Sometimes it is advertised with a clear brand name for the product, but mostly not. For this reason we founded this website and have our Device lists with as many information about the products as we can find, but providing the brand linked to each product is our main goal.

Sometimes it is being sold by the manufacturer it self and/or clear description of the selling party, but often this information can not be found and there is no guarantee how well your order will be handled. For the second thing we now started the Verified sellers feature on our website.

What is a Verified seller?

From our page Information about Verified sellers:

Verified sellers are sellers with which we had good personal contact (by chat, mail, phone, etc.) and / or did a good job in delivering ordered goods and / or delivered great service. Verified sellers are sellers of which we believe they are trustworthy and you can safely order your goods from them. You can expect good working devices and friendly aftersales.

A Verified seller also has clear information about his / her company, a website URL, physical address, contact methods, payment methods, shipping methods, etc.

We as eWeLink Community Website aren’t perfect and se we can have judged a Verified seller incorrectly. If so then please let us know the reason why.

Visible changes to the Device lists

You might have seen some tags at each purchase link for some products at the Device lists. These tags provide information whether this is a Verified seller or not. The tags also shows whether it ships to Europa, Asia, America, Worldwide, etc. More information about this can be found at our page Information about Verified sellers.

We also added a tab Verified sellers to the pages of products being sold by Verified sellers. This tab contains a brief description of what a Verified seller is and which Verified sellers sells the product. The links on this tab refer to the informational page about each Verified seller. Those pages provide an introduction to the seller, company information, a short review and an overview of the brand the seller sells.

We haven’t updated all products sold by Verified sellers yet but eventually all involved product pages at the Device lists will get updated.

Want to become a Verified seller?

Becoming a Verified seller can be quite easy. Just get in contact with us. Show your good manners as a company being. Explain to us why your company is a trustworthy company to buy at. We will have a chat and in that chat the eWeLink Community Website tries to discover whether your company is worth it to put on the list of Verified sellers.

You can get in touch with us using the contact methods described on our contact page.

Get more information about Verified sellers

We have listsed our Verified sellers at a new section on the website called Verified sellers. At the menu it is listed at Device lists > Verified sellers. At the same menu you will find a link to our page Information about Verified sellers.

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