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ITEAD silenty introduces the Sonoff S26R2 als successor to the Sonoff S26

Sonoff S26
Sonoff S26

The Sonoff S26 has been a popular well-known device of the Sonoff brand of ITEAD. Today the eWeLink Community Website discovered ITEAD has silently introduced the Sonoff S26R2 als successor to the Sonoff S26.

We ordered a Sonoff S26 at ITEAD’s offficial Sonoff store at AliExpress as replacement for an older S26 that got defective. Nowhere at the product page there was a description about the Sonoff S26R2. All specifications on that page indicated just the well-known Sonoff S26. However, upon delivery we discovered we received a Sonoff S26R2. So, a second revision of the S26. The only differences we could find were some additional and changed prints on the enclosure like Max 4000 watt on the front and a schematic drawing of the relais type (single pole) at the back.

Curious as we were we asked Sonoff what the differences between the Sonoff S26 and the Sonoff S26R2 officially are. They told us the following differences:

SpecificationSonoff S26Sonoff S26R2
ChipEspressif ESP8266Espressif ESP8285
Max load ampère1016
Max load watt22004000
ButtonSimple buttonRedesigned button for better press feeling

We forgot to ask why ITEAD have not listed a seperate Sonoff S26R2 on their website nor updated the existing Sonoff S26 page, but we will do so. For now we updated our device listing with a short notice with the above mentioned differences.

Product information

Sonoff S26

Sonoff S26

  • Many different plug types (EU/US/UK/CN/AU)
  • Looks more elegant and modern

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