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Sonoff giveaway June 2021: L2 light strip

Sonoff giveaway June 2021: L2 light strip

It’s time for Sonoff’s monthly giveaway. This time they are giving away a brand new product of which doesn’t exist a product photo yet. On June 3rd Sonoff teased a bit about the L2 light strip but didn’t show much of it: just a generic looking light strip. Now you can be one of the first people to get your hands on the brand new L2 light strip!

This time Sonoff pays attention to Fathers Day next Sunday, June 20th. They made a funny flowchart and at the giveaway text they ask you to show with an image in the comments what you would give your father on Father’s Day (in which smarthome devices are included ofcourse). The 3 comments with the most likes will get the prize.

Check their Facebook post below for more details:

Sonoff’s Facebook post about their June 2021 giveaway

This was the teaser of the L2 light strip on June 3rd:

Sonoff’s teaser about the L2 light strip
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