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Improved eWeLink Web is coming soon

Since somewhere second quarter of past year eWeLink started with their eWeLink VIP subscriptions. Mainly to cover the suddenly drastically increased costs that IFTTT charges to customers like eWeLink. To provide a bit more value for your money eWeLink created eWeLink Web to operate your devices not only by your mobile phone but also from any webbrowser on any device. However not much improvements have been made by eWeLink since then and that is something people have complained much about on social media. eWeLink finally took the critics seriously, gathered them and now improved eWeLink Web. Both the Facebook announcement of eWeLink and sources reporting to the eWeLink community website indicate that the improved eWeLink Web is going to be released very soon, probably next week.

What can we expect from the updated eWeLink Web?

eWeLink themselves only announced the improved version but dit not tell much about what to expect:

  • More devices supported
  • Scene controls available

When we try to zoom in the low quality screenshot on the image of the Facebook post we can see the following:

Improved eWeLink Web low quality screenshot
Improved eWeLink Web low quality screenshot. Source: eWeLink Facebook page.
  • Probably better responsiveness to different viewport sizes. So better viewable on mobiles, tablets and PC’s. Scalable.
  • Menu extended with:
    • Device management
    • Scene management
  • A completely new dashboard with:

When can we expect the improved eWeLink Web?

The Facebook announcement of eWeLink tells it will arrive next week. Sources reporting to the eWeLink community website also confirmed an exact date we are not allowed to share here. The release of the improvements will be very soon!

Where can we find eWeLink Web?

eWeLink Web can be found at You can login with your regular eWeLink account (without being signed out from the app). In order to be able to use eWeLink Web you are required to have a eWeLink VIP subscription for which you can register at More about the benefits of eWeLink VIP can be found at our Knowledge Base: What are the benefits of the eWeLink subscriptions plans?

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