What are the benefits of the eWeLink subscriptions plans?

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Comparison between the different eWeLink plans

eWeLink Camera215Unlimited
Shares per devices20100Unlimited
IFTTT (may require IFTTT Pro)
eWeLink web
eWeLink Keyboard shortcuts166

1 = The Pro plan hasn’t been launched yet.
2 = The maximum amount of concurrent eWeLink Camera app sessions. This has nothing to do with physical eWeLink supported IP cameras.

Expected future features for the subscription plans

Based on matrixes in beta versions of the eWeLink app back at the beginning of 2020 you may expect the following features in the future:

  • Change permission settings for sharing devices
  • Device control password
  • Apple Watch support

According to the beta matrixes back then the “Pro” plan for businesses will also include downloading logs / push messages and BI analytics someday.

How do I subscribe?

Have a look at this knowledge base article: How can I subscribe for a subscription plan?

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