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The working of the Sonoff T4EU1C explained by SuperHouse

On the eWeLink & Sonoff User Group user Paul Clinckemalie shared an interesting old Youtube video of the SuperHouse Youtube channel.

At the video the working of the Sonoff T4EU1C is explained by presenter Jonathan:

  • Why doesn’t it need a neutral?
  • How does the switch gets powered to keep on working?
  • When and why do you need to use the included anti-flicker module? And what does that anti-flicker module do?

Jonathan also explains how Tasmota can be flashed on this device. Long story short: that isn’t an easy task to do at this device.

Everything gets explained in this 42 minutes long video which is worth watching if you are interested in how such no neutral switches do work.

Article at the website of Superhouse:

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