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Sonoff’s giveaway of april 2021: 5x 2 Sonoff S26’s

eWeLink's monthly giveaway - April 2021

Previous month Sonoff started with a monthly giveaway. So this month they organize their second giveaway. This time they are giving away a Sonoff S26 to 5 winners. The winners do also win a second Sonoff S26 for their friend they tagged. So in total 10 Sonoff S26’s are given away.

The exact instructions for participating in the giveaway can be found on the Facebook page of Sonoff:

Don’t forget to share that post publicly or else Sonoff won’t be able to see your share!

Product information

Sonoff S26

Sonoff S26

  • Many different plug types (EU/US/UK/CN/AU)
  • Looks more elegant and modern

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